Maher Arar is a telecommunications engineer with dual Syrian and Canadian citizenship who has resided in Canada since 1987. Arar's story is frequently referred to as "extraordinary rendition" but the US government insisted it was a case of deportation.

Abdullah Almalki is a Syrian-Canadian engineer who was imprisoned and tortured for two years in a Syrian jail after Canadian officials falsely indicated to the Syrian authorities and other countries that he was a terrorist threat.

Robert Dziekański, Polish pronunciation was a Polish immigrant to Canada who was killed on October 14, 2007, during an arrest at the Vancouver International Airport in Richmond, British Columbia.

Omar Ahmed Sayid Khadr is a Canadian who was detained at Guantanamo Bay as a minor and held there for 10 years.Omar finally got a apology from Canadian Government.
Omar_KhadrOmar finally got a apology from Canadian Government.

With physical and/or mental torture any body can lose their mental stability including schizophrenia(paranio, fear)
Losing mental stability due to physical and/or mental torture