Movement in Motion

Didn't sleep last night thinking whole night and finally come up with prospective solution w3 related all crime detection and revenue model out of it and downloading the parents application and also found solution for university,college,high school student right solution world wide.Also found alternative technique of funding previous project and new hybrid model which I am thinking for weeks.

Hopefully within next week I will find solution to implements it and legal and technical challenge of it.


1. Migrant:

Accent Learning School
Credit Union
Mentionship and insurance

2. Disable and Women:
Matrix for performance evaluation for equal pay and disadvantage level can be evaluation and certified.

3. Senior:
Credit union and emotional support with other startup.

It will be applied in YC soon, so contact at with recommendation, as we all know we have opponent


which I applied twice to YC, both time got rejected for bullying where all the disabled,student,minority and women have discounted service or almost free service, which is a model for new CSR model mix of Profit and Non-Profit organization.

Project for people will be named as PfP with new domain, plan, design, ROI Model.But it too late for this batch, so I am pushing last project with new traction or customer contract.

They can accept only one project.But if the first project got accepted I will push the second project with other source of funding called crowd sourcing through kickstarter and others.

We just have put in right track and get the best training model of the world. I will get two founder locally, I have two others coder online one in vietnam and france. But they are part time, both have job who are used to be my employee.

I will release evaluating technique after its work, combination of technique.Finance.

So, you know how diverse you have to be to become successful.

I will soon visit the best disabled,women and senior person society either online or in person to get their feedback on my software before i will work on next phase.

1. Accent School: We will setup an accent learning school for spanish in san francisco and toronto for chinese. We have couple expert to implement the online and onsite training module.

2. Credit Union: Grameen Model will be implemented through app of android and ios. Its specially for senior citizen. Obviously it will start in san francisco and Toronto.

3. Performance Measure Matrix: It will be hard, but after talking with couple expert, we will come to a solution. All we have to do get it adopted by DOL and Canadian Labor Minister. Initially it will launch in sanfrancisco and Toronto and online base.

Its looks too big but implementable. It will mature up over the time.

We need to collect as much funds as possible so project can move forward first.


I will go all around the city and USA and Europe and will broadcast through facebook live as people wanted.

Every donation and support counts.Thanks for the support to all of my fans. I love my supporter or fans.

Let's do something great in this life together.

Asadul Alam

We will sue only the corporation and authority and its responsible employee.

As soon as I get insurance and tax money, then I will get in new house and will design the project elaborately.

I need peace of mind and mental stability.

If I don't insurance within 22 April, I will lose my car.

Upon getting my insurance claim and license, I will be back in road, before that with two to three week, I will design and make prototype of my startup pfp or toronto project. I will design and prototype will be develop by freelancer and volunteer.

I don't need hope or sympathy, I am grown up, I will recover with time. Just need positive environment for work or project and real support(financially and all others way possible).

Thanks Torontorian.

Asadul Alam