Deportation and torture due to Cyberbullying

2009-2018-Nine years of career lose will be release by cyber bullying by denial at university graduate level,click out of master program where 60% were completed,not getting permanent faculty position for not having master degree, also witness of friends,relative,colleague who were well aware of the situation and false blame.This will also include avoidance or non co-operation at university level, harassment of me and my parents,relatives.Also the press release of his family member in 2012 in Bangladesh.And also 2018 press release in Bengali and English around the world.

2007 US Visa Cancellation-US showed reason was intention to stay but real reason was for US girl where US hide the real information, where officer CBP officer told me he will let me go, if she say so.
US Visa Cancellation collected from Canadian citizenship application record

2008 US Entry Refusal-US told I am trying to get close to US girl where I didn't have any relationship with her.FBI Clearance have the US immigration arrest record

2009 Deportation-US hide the real information in 2014 information release. Privacy request wipe out the real information on page four(4) and five (5) pages.US kick me out in august 21 with two week chase and made decision of my appeal on November 15th, without my absence which also in FBI record
US Immigration information collected on privacy request

Deportation Chase all over US of two weeks
Deportation Visit to home
Left Summon for interogation and torture
Deportation chase
Deportation warrant

2018 US entry refused entry five times revealed from Canadian Border and Custom Patrol Record
Five US entry denial

In Community

2003-Went to military to be officer in human resource center, but got discourage for credit and immigration status which I in late 2004.

2004-I got ticket in September where opp officer after knowing that i will try to join police force, he convicted me lying to him. It was just me vs him, no evidence.

2006-I was arrested by security guard of majority group on suspicion of shoplifting in bay store release by the bay store, but release by the Toronto Police officer who asked if I have money.It proves my bullies started even at the university level.

2008-I was attempt to be beaten up by majority in work place where I work as security officer before moving to US on TN permit to work as system analyst. Here is the picture of that working place and security company name can be found using name as I worked using my SIN, including supervisor name and building witness.

2009-I didn't get paid by employment contractor where he was saying I am covered for being on TN but H1 for one year.

2010-2017-One attempt to murder(surgery and torture sign on the head), two attempt of assault in Bangladesh.Medical report of head surgery evidence will be uploaded soon including picture after attempt to murder incident

2018-Try to Jump off ambassador bridge where they hide my speech of equal right
Jump off ambassador bridge

In University

2001-As I was sick in fall 2001 my GPA got low, Computer Science School Director, Dr. Richard Frost gave the permission but Dean Dr. Richard Caron take it away, but the fact is i was sick on both midterms and final period.The problem and fault was director and dean in implementing process, not mine.Why I have to suffer.
This is the beginning of depression.

2005-I was portrayed by couple student of majority group in front of dean notice board "Racist hates gravity". This started paranoia.

2005-I got so depressed when I find it out first I have to update my GPA which was down for medical reason and have to waste another year just one year one thesis courses.A lots of our ex alumni went through it and they are angry about. I wanted student fair right and as a part of demonstration I tried to killed myself three times.Ontario province introduce student experience as a funding criteria for university. Finally our individual fight got success.

2012-2014-I was not accepted in Four Years Program for last 14 years. But I did legal procedure against university psychologist, requirements adjusted.
Application of 12 Years
Real Reason of Acceptance

2014-In twelve years the change in courses is just two major computer science course and changes in non computer science course but they put me in new calender and force me to take almost nine instead of two.
2000 Calendar Degree Audit or Requirement
2014 Calendar Audit or Requirement

2018-Got Ciest and desist order after asking science dean to resign where department head clearly offered his offer of last course in summer.
Cease and desist order
Degree Requirements Confirmation(One course left)

Return to School

University vice president confess the real reason for settlement was legal expanses where I withdraw the complaint at the final moments.
Resolution of University Issue after legal battle

To all my University and school fellow students,"Try to get 50% voting rights in all part of administration and academic decision, so they don't get abused by power"

By Police Force and Authorities

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Canada Border Protection
Ontario Provincial Police
Toronto Police Service
Windsor Police Service