Career & Financial Loss

2009-Had to leave US Computer System Analyst Opportunity and to extend stay for further career opportunity.Its really hard to find job in SAP HR in Canada and Bangladesh except US where my friend is working in the same field since 2007. I was also a project manager since I graduate.

2018-2.5 Million Dollar Startup Project Denial by Venture Capitalist(Y Combintor) from where Airbnb,Dropbox, Stripe start as company
Denied after acceptance approval process

2018-Nobody Business Person want to deal with me in north america,how can i proceed with my tech business career.
Lawyer and Psychologist Left same day it get denied by VC

2018-Certified Project Management Professional(PMP) which certify that I have 3-5 years of professional experience,knowledge and education.But I don't think, I will ever be placed in North America or Any Western Countries.
Project Management Certification.

2019-Financial Loss Summary
Financial and Opportunity Loss Summary

Health Loss

Depression due to school discrimination

2008-Toronto East General Hospital admission for High Blood Pressure
cardiac over night observation for high blood pressure

2010-High blood pressure
High Blood Pressure

2012-Type 2 Diabetics
Type-2 Diabetics

2014-PTSD Diagnosis by Medical board
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for cyber bullying

2018-Suicide Attempt(Jump of the Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Ontario)
Suicide Attempt of 2018

2019-Assesed for level 1 psychosis caused due to stress
Psychosis(first level-first 1)

Long Term Disability

2006-Disability at University of Windsor
@U of Windsor

2007-2010-Disability at Dakota State University

2014-2017-Disability at University of Windsor
@U of Windsor

Lost Credit History

@Canadian Credit File
@US Credit Profile

Class Action and Personal Injury Lawsuit

Will be filed as soon as all team and documentation are ready.

Law firm of class action, personal injury, human right on search and will be finalized after medical evaluation and software idea valuation