****All the information will be verified by DNA test and Polygraph and evidences****

• Next Steps.
Answer: As soon as I finish applying insurance,get my car and staff back and get a house, I will start designing the project.

• To all my fans and supporter
Answers: Thank you,every good did return.

• Sorry?
Answers: I am sorry to all people and friend, someday in my book I will explain why it happened and you will find out nothing was intentional but consequence of incidence in life. I didn't mean to hurt any one's feeling. I am sorry if I did it. Like every other human, I am not perfect. But I will try my best to give the best of me.

• Update?
Answers: As I am in move, I can't develop design,update my site regularly,really sorry about it.But once I move to California, I will fully focus on my project(s). Yes, I will make my site polished like star,celebrate or public figure page and open membership through this site. Please engage some ethical hacker worldwide to protect my privacy and work.

• Lawsuit?
Answers: I don't want to dig dirt and waste my life any more. I will just give it to law firm and try to cover up my reputation and loss. Personally I have nothing against anyone or authority. Neither I am lawyer or psychologist or psychiatrist. Just deal with the lawyer. I lost the reputation, I don't want no authority or person lose their reputation. I will leave for road march or drive for justice as soon as I have enough money of my own and get everything in order in a week. I just care about my work and contribution of life on God's path and society.

• Why I wanted money?
Answers: In civil court money means other party is guilty. So no need to apologise, Getting revenge in criminal court will us nothing just waste of time.

• Insurance fraud?
Answers: Made up as same as assault charge call of teenager. Why RCMP and Windsor police listen to them and towed my car and come and arrest me where the other party or so called victim didn't complaint. I have nothing against any one, lawyer and court will find out who is guilty or not.

• I just wanted money?
Answers: If so, I wouldn't try class action which is on behalf of the people and human right lawyer. Just personal injury case is enough.

• Why I been in school all these years?
Answers: I couldn't convince school without legal proceeding of 2012-2014. Still now, they are not giving me certification and they let me do course of around 8 instead of 2 where there is no major change. If I do independent evaluation by any other evaluating company it will be easily prove.

• Do I wanted support and money?
Answers: Support to let myself able to do something good. I was rejected by YC after selecting by admission manager. I got it second shot from far way. It in career lose page. Money, no. smart guys don't need others money. I just wanted to lose my own money and tried to do something for myself. Politician ask money for donation to run office. If I run for office I would never be able to do something as I will have very limited scope and its rat race.

• Why I didn't fight back?
Answers: Basically authorities is ignoring my call for justice. See in Government Negligence Site, its going on for last ten years.

• Friend's and psychiatrist or psychologist?
Answers: I was always intro verse kind of guys. In my whole life, I was contact with only four friends. The California one told me he is going back home to avoid me and another one in Toronto put me in speaker phone while talking with California guy and he also wanted to avoid me and told the same things. I guess that what every body deserve when in trouble from friends. I know dirt of every one, so better tell them to keep quite, nobody have courage to stand in front me. Tell them to say it to my face. I don't want to tell anything against them and become mean.

Psychologist in school was already in medical prosecution in 2012-2013 that the reason school took me back in 2014.Dr. M. B. and Dr. C. V can't go against me as they were employee of the university at that time. Dr. J J. already found guilty with advice for his negligence and he died in cancer, so respect to him. Dr. M. B. diverted Dr. C. V. in the middle that why she told me she don't know who to believe. Ask per people Dr. C. V wrote for US immigration deportation proceeding.

When its go to court it will be evaluated by independent and more senior psychologist. None of their evaluation will count as they are independent and my friend is not expert.

• Response to bully?
Answers: No comments.
• Lawsuit?
Answers: Please find the lawyers and law firm of class action,personal injury,disability claim,human right lawyer for us.

• Funding source?
Answers: Every group I worked and will work have society and tell them to collect fund for the good initiatives both in US and Canada. If they are not willing to show generosity then tell them to give us service contact, so we can get more valuation and raise fund from financial institution.After prospective market contract and third party valuation people can buy share through kickstart or directly from our site.

• Next plan?
Answers: As soon as I go to new york, most likely by Quebec border as my car in ottawa towing company and quebec is close, my stress will be less. I need enough money and peace and rest of body and mind to start design of UI and already contacted my UI designer in offshore team. As I am going through new york let all the immigrant,minority,guys and university students,senior citizen and women right activist and disable and military guys know as I will work for them.

• Financial Update?
Answers: Nothing till sunday. On Tuesday I will get my personal tax fund and will be in Toronto for license reinstatement and then after I got it I will be back in ottawa to pick up my car from Ottawa Amir Towing Service. RCMP is following me in white van and then stop me in front of parliament where I want to go peacefully for protest and demonstration. The best way to deposit in my account is on any cibc branch. They gave me court appearance of May 1 and towed away my car. Now I am in more financial burden.

• How much we raised so far by stripe?
Answers: Nothing, here is the stripe and connecting cibc account screenshot. I think there is problem in stripe account which connected to bank account. If any one has deposited money, don't worry, it will be never cashed through stripe as I never get it. Claim yours money if deducted. Kindly deposit directly to my CIBC account using account to account transfer. Email transfer will be too many or much to handle. I don't want to integrate another payment gateway and put all in hassle again. I really appreciate everything.....Love and support of the people is non refundable.

Account Number:00182
Institution Number: 010
Bank Number:8706794

Money Raised

• Why I am posting to these site?
Answers: So called everybody know culture or bullying will go away with people support who I worked for and lawyer can download all evidences and I can move on with my life.

Why I asked money?
Answers: They will follow me as long as I live. So, i can't do job. I will get android and apple developer certification as I start developing apps. Others founder have java and android certification but they don't know other areas which is mainly important. Coding is not hard, just need dedication and time and purpose to do it. We have graduated from computer science learning around pascal,java,C++,SQL which is around four languages. Steve Job never did one line of code but created iphone when he is 45 and got billionaire with pixare in 40, not every day is sunday. Groupon founder established when they are 42,47,46/48.

Who is the co-founder of the project?
Answers: One in vietnam and One is france, both of them used to be my employee. They work them for free, so I took them as co-founder. I will definitely take another two co-founder where I will live.

Why I am losing weight?
Answers: Doctor told come with weight range which is 80 kg. Currently 95 kg. Lost around 8 Kg. Need to go around 15 kg. They are saying these for years.Not to look young, I guess.

Who will move for me?
Answers: All the people around the world. Civil right means people right. It doesn't have country or origin.

Why we will win in lawsuit?
Answers: Its civil case where the side with most of the proof win.I had disability for 14 years.It easy to proof in court.I will contact all human right lawyer,class action lawyer and personal injury lawyer once my software valuation is complete(they want money for valuation and US forensic psychologist professor and other Ivy league professor want money for valuation, we will not win until valuation and damage get proved which is expensive. I don't want to waste time in this legal battle move for my life purpose.

What I fought for?
Answers: Equal justice or social justice or civil right. If I had bend over in university, US Custom and Border Protection and to injustice, I might have forgiven but I preferred not to.

• Do I want financial support from people?
Answers: I am not asking but you will willing to then it will speed up my process of movement,software development for the city,the smart city project, personal health improvement(psychologist is not free),travel around the world for social justice and may be initial funding for software startup which is basically for giving support to the people.the movement fund will be showed live to people for fairness. People who fight for other basically do it for free.

• Ultimately where this money will go?
Answers: For social benefit after my death.

• Why people love me?
Answers: All the people live with me, my roommates in three houses in windsor, always loved me, they cooked food for me just like family. People can't deny pure genuineness and over all love.

• How I will return love for me?
Answers: Giving Toronto some technological implementation world has never seen, like best smart city in the world. How will we arrange the fund, crowdfunding,donation,corporate sponsor,return of investment from tourism, who is implement this volunteer and paid IT professional of the world and obviously my university students as volunteer co-op. But one thing, love don't get denied even God can't, if you don't believe in me, try to love him, keep trying, sooner or later you will get it, with pure heart and intention.

• Feeling Lucky?
Answers: Why, people in Toronto loves me, this is my home,my land and will be forever as it was, people call home to the place which they love, not where they from and where they will be.

• Why people hate?
Answers: They can't control their frustration of life and find a easy of out by hating others.

• Who win?
Answers: If you divide the world in two parts always the goodness and greatness will win because that who we are, the people, the good.

• Why goodness always win?
Answers: People are basically good, sooner or later they will find it but you have to show them, let them believe and reason to support you.

• How to motivate yourself?
Answers: Find purpose of life.

• Who change the world?
Answers: Not young or old but great people with great mind.

• Tell all of my hater?
Answers: It takes more courage and moral to hate than love, love always conquer the hate and will sooner or later! They hate me but I love them.I will not only forgive them but support in online based business like-cake,flower! Spirit of God and his prophet!

• Call for Action-Migrant, minorities,disable and students?
Answers: Call all the press around the world, human right activist, raise up fund for class action.Donate via website, snapshot of total raise up will be seen in website and so do the trail via live web streaming. It's our times now, we lost in US but not in Canada. Not on my watch. I want every one of the community who believe fairness of the equal and social justice, regardless of race,age,gender,color,religion,ethnicity. At least we should have one country in north america with fairness.

We have to raise up fund,spread the word of mouth,prepare legal work,communication at the same time.

• what I am doing right now?
Answers: Getting medical documentation ready and preparing for law suit. Within two weeks it will be filed. I am on move in last 25 days, I will not settle until it's over. It hurt my life long work and career. Beside going to practice android programming, python in U of T soon.

• why i got rejected in YC?
Answers: They thought I am disable, then everybody know messed up my chances there, lets see how the water flow, who got the best shot. They hack my email and deleted mail send to me. How I know, Guess how? They are the best hacker of the world, they have hacker news! They gave my idea to someone else, so it getting patent with complete version. I just love challenges.Basically bully made me very strong in strategic battle, I come to know how to foil any competition and to be best. Silicon valley is the best thing happens in my life including YC where stripe,airbnb came from, I got accepted in second shot. My lawyer is the witness why I got rejected.

• what I did in last four years?
Answers: Business value analysis and prospects of silicon valley base entrepreneurship, specially in C2C. There is million of apps in play store, but who could create business value like uber,airbnb and groupon, none of them are coder. Steve Job never wrote one line of code in his whole life but create apple phone when mid 40. Uber guy did entrepreneurship for last 20 years since 17 and statistics major and got billionaire when he was 37. Airbnb guys are from sociology, come up with uber idea. I know almost all of the internet tech giant raising story and their unique and so does mine.We canadian entrepreneur have to make software making world wide vision like shopify. No people no ground of business or transaction. There are European and indian, south asian market and australian market too. Its very easy to raise fund in US like around 200K as seed but to get 25k from Canada, it will be tough.Less opportunity.There is apurba mehta of instacart who is waterloo graduate of electrical and billionaire now,I know all of their valuation,fundraising and technique. Any body can be coder but not successful entrepreneur, it needs knowledge of around six to nine sub field. Our cost of production is very low compared to any others company.

• why I couldn't solve it till now?
Answers: Nice guy finish at last.

• why I drive?
Answers: awareness, basically I will go around the world.

• Why I cried?
Answers: After fighting 14 years I have to get broke because I couldn't concentrate on work and being abuse by false blame. I guess this I deserve for life long sacrifice.

• Why I problem of the university happens?
Answers: I stand up abuse of law, when 15 didn't.

• Why I came to Canada in First Place?
Answers: For Fair Social Justice Society.

• Why I came back?
Answers: I been studying for project for last four years and it was finally accepted and then rejected for bad reputation. Just like, Stock Market and Entrepreneurship and leadership affected by bad reputation. It's better to have no reputation than bad reputation. People and company invest in you, they don't want to get involved with controversial personality in initial level or seed stage. If It went through I would have million dollars valuation. All start with 2.5 to 5 million valuation with 200K initial investment and with level of series funding and revaluation every six month.

• Why I don't talk with girls?
Answers: Any girls I talk to I could fall for her, basically I just need someone and friends and family and life back to me.

• Am I know I am old? Why I don't grow old? Do I know how I grow old?
Answers: Yes, I do, I can't accept it, it remind me of all torture and harassment, I always dressed up like this.I couldn't implements my work but soon.Abuse and torture and harassment and wanting people's right including students.

• Why I am looking to girls? Do I want children?
Answers: I can hear every word of them and see what they are doing. No, way, I never wanted any less then university level. I just wanted to be lonely and feel alone and get out of false accusation and bullying.

• Why I don't ask out any one?
Answers: I guess I am afraid of getting hurt and a lots of the time, it hard to get what they really want, we people just play nice even we are not in to it.I did ask out some university student of Windsor in windsor church who is history major, she was nice and told no indirectly and someone of human kinetics energy in U of T at Medical Walkin Clinic in College Ave.I have her number. Apparently both of them don't want to be with me for my reputation just like my both friends. Can't blame them.

• Why I don't get it?
Answers: Apparently I didn't have what it takes and never had and I was always occupied with rights and systems abuse. If I planned it ever, I would have definitely get it. Just have to do whatever it takes like any other problem. This is what they teach in best school about solving any problem do whatever it takes.

• Do I have any regret about my life?
Answers: Not any more. If I had to once again, i would have given the God, Country and people same priority and love above myself.

• Searching for Juliet?
Answers: I guess it does exists only in fantasy. Basically as love and idolism turns in to need's adjustment.

• Why I wanted money and apology?
Answers: See, yesterday will never come back. Time and age lost will not come back. Putting someone in jail and detrosting their youth will come in no good to people,country and society. If I could have work I would have money or assets around million and good health. You can't buy life back with money neither do health. My health cost will be very expensive and including finding new identity like FBI witness protection program. I fought whole life since grade fours and in all cases I won, as I was right, sooner or later and my father owe around close to million in business debt.So, it will take aways two million just to recover duties and responsibilities and others in very expansive future upcoming medical cost and suffering including privacy of my life. As we all know, I have to deal with it rest of my life.I already got type 2 diabetes and HTN and blood pressure, which my parents got in around sixty.I got it since 29. later stage of life with these will come with kidney and liver complication. Government will not cover under ohip and we all know I have no privacy of any kind. I can't go through regular medical process. I don't want money, I want to see what I started successful and live until that day.Not one day more or less.

I forgive all personally, all accuser of crime against me just like Jesus(SM) and will support them with my skills like Muhammad(SM), so they can't guided.

So, purpose of my life served.

Apology, so my parents,sibling,friends,future wife and kids have mental peace of life.

• Schizophrenic?
No, but greatly disturbed and annoyed. It just fear,delusion and paranoia. Fear-no, wanted peace,paranoid-some time we all can't be,how to solve it, challenge yours thought.

• Why I studied psychology?
Answers: To fix my self and others problem, which 27 psychologist and psychiatrist couldn't I did it myself. Why they couldn't-no time and forced to be not independent by system. They say in the world except crazy and child everybody have interest. If I want to get any one of them in medical malpractice, I can for negligence, but we all do mistakes. They just know symptom,pharmacology and some standard but I went much more deep including cognition,brain science,medical malpractice investigation process and related law.

• Depressed?
Answers: Yes, but it will be solve after change of lifestyle.I did it once in 2006 with six month.

• Wired?
Answers: Different. If I think and live for needs and desire, how can you achieve greatness and makes yours life fruitful and purposeful.

• Sleeping problem?
Answers: Couldn't find time to solve it for last 14 years and eventually I will.

• Outcome of these rechearch?
Answers: Book on many mental health issue which will help millions. Living with something and feeling it different than observing. Samuel fruid's can be elaborate more.

• Why I dress young and sharp?
Answers: It makes you feel good. That's all.

• Why I perceived wrong?
Answers: Sometimes it's too good to be true.

• Why I wanted to marry doctor?
Answers: Except doctor very few bengali girl ever work. I believe women should be equal to men,so I wanted my size,tall girl with stability, so she can have a life beside me and we can have intellectual conversation and observation and good understanding.

• Women issue?
Answers: Regardless of age you get women of legal age with security. All guys know it, but sometime we can't accept the hard truth.

• What did I solve?
Answers: sharing market economy problem which people fighting for since 1998. All internet crime prevention model and student rights issue.Soon it will be patents and volunteer-coder and researcher, computer scientist around the world will be asked to join this vc funder and crowd funded model with revenue sharing. No hate crime,bullying,unwanted pornography or addiction,crime can be done on any platform in any language and code any more.

• Who is responsible?
Answers: As found by lawyer.

• Why?
Answers: Law enforcement agency and government failed to protect minority,immigrant,disable from hate crime.If the government can't control facebook and snapchat they should just stop it in the country.

• Possible charges?
Answers: Conspiracy
Hate Crime
Privacy Law

• Consequence?
Answers: Now, its in Toronto, if we don't get justice it will get all over the world.I don't want to destroy my city and country's reputation as they did with me.

• Lawsuit?
Answers: As soon as we form legal and medical team. The more it been trying to cover up the more it will come out.

• Origin?
Answers: See ancestry DNA

• I don't want to grow old?
Answers: Aging is part of life. I want to stay sharp and youthful until my silicon valley project accepted. Then I will get married and have a family. I don't want to grow old without any achieve and contribution to society,technology.

• Why did I fought 13 years of my life?
Answers: To get better system of equality for everyone. After software valuation come everybody will come to know my personal worth is far more than the compensation I may get and it was not for money. Also after suicidal attempt note come, it will clear my sacrifice for you.

• Will I run for the office?
Answers: Most likely no, but I will send a plan of canadian economy never seen before. How to be the best? I studied world economics too.

• Do I have any political party?
Answers: No, but you have to run through a party. I believe in working together with all parties in US and Canada.

• True politician?
Answers: To change the country more economically and humanity.

• Why I can’t move on with my life?
Answers: For last 13 years I been victim of abuse, every day feels like same.Same verbal abuse,hassle,harassment and trauma.

• Why I can’t girl?
Answers: Level 1 autism, never had girlfriend in my whole life. Beside I don’t have whatever it takes.

• I want a young girl?
Answers: No way, I never wanted someone less than university students who are all less than 20 years old.There is no unmarried girl around the world more than 27. Really hard to find.

• Did I fool them?
Answers: No, If I did it I would have video taped it.

• Why I act differently?
Answers: I have to listen their means talking for years after years, so I felt awkward, clumsy, nervous.

• Do I think it was funny?
Answers: No, it was basically sad, they took advantage of my limitation of social skill and make fun of it and destroyed my reputation around the world.

• How it affected me?
Answers: It get me isolated. I can't get job,do business, lost friends,i can't find someone. I lost life.

• Did I tell I am psycho or crazy?
Answers: No

• Why did I leave?
Answers: Received life threat in USA, in Toronto people tried to beat me up in last job.I been trying to get justice for last ten years.

• Why it can’t be true?
Answers: Because we don’t get intimate without getting in marriage for religious purpose.

• I don’t know relationship?
Answers: I know but can’t make myself to follow it. Beside so called dating culture is not allowed in Christianity or Muslim.

• When I will look for someone?
Answers: After getting job and project.I know how life works.

• What kind of girl I like?
Answers: White, blond, tall,1.6 face ratio of my size 5’10” who’s first and last love is God and have university degree in computer science, business, law, medicine. I don’t want my child to be put down being color, he need to tall and strong and diversified and he will also spread God’s word.

• Why university student?
Answers: So she can learn what I know by taking the same course. Why cross field because innovation require cross field.

• How will I date?
Answers: We get to know each other, they we go to God and promise in front of him.

• How it can be started?
Answers: I can’t approach but you can. If you process the quality and goodness I will not refuse you.

• Why local girl?
Answers: We spread God’s word, we suppose to marry someone local.

• Money matter?
Answers: Yes, then we don’t have to worry about money, it can be used for God’s purpose.

• Who get preference?
Answers: Immigrant white girl who born and raise up here.

• Do I love certain portion of people?
Answers: No, I love, God, Country and all of his people.

• What I want?
Answers: Justice for my people.Strong cyberbullying law, compensation and apologies.

• How long I am fighting for student and disable right?
Answers: Last 13 years.

• What I was thinking when looking to men?
Answers: Why men don’t stand up for justice.

• What I was thinking when looking to women?
Answers: How these sweet little girls can’t be so cruel, giving me false accusation which I have no abilities to commit.

• Am I wired?
Answers: I been wired in expressing my feeling to friends and other all my adult life since 16.

• Personality and Idol?
Answers: Jesus(sm),Mohammad(sm),Ellen Musk(humanity and brain).

• Why I got so serious?
Answers: They are making fun of God and weak, I will not let God and his all true believer lose.

• What I lost?
Answers: Career, friends, social life, being victim of attempt to murder in home country, still have the head injury sign, assault by people two times. They even kick me out of master course after completing 60 percent for lame excuse.

• Do I want revenge?
Answers: No

• What they did and doing?
Answers: People were hacking my computer system and spreading bad rumor so I can’t proceed with my career. Its conspiracy, cyber stalking, hate crime, privacy law violation.

• What happens if I don’t get justice?
Answers: It will go worldwide and I will leave my Canadian and Bangladeshi citizenship and will seek refuge to united nation for status, for country less. Even I want to I would be able to control violence.

• Do I believe in violence?
Answers: No way.

• Have I done assault and theft?
Answers: It was for self-defense and I forget due to long depression.

• Why it hurts me so much?
Answers: Working for people right and getting hurt by them will hurt you.

• Why I dress young?
Answers: If I accept 13 years of my life gone by abuse, it hurting me. The main reason is I am developing software, where most of the customer is young, so I have to think and feel them.

Most of the new software is young person.

• Do I lie?
Answers: Under no circumstance. We are good people for fourth generation and lying is major sin by both bible and Quran.

• Myth about deportation?
Answers: I was looking for young girls, I was fighting with a girl, both is false. I was 30. I never wanted any one less than 20 who go to at least university.

• Why did these?
Answers: Justice

• Why I started reading and thinking?
Answers: how to improve the system in corporate (using technology) and government. I am update in technology and knowledge and that’s why I go to University of Toronto for research database access which include all latest innovation information. My interest:

• Tech Entrepreneurship and innovation (Stanford, MIT)
• Business Finance (for Fintech entrepreneurship) and valuation
• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning(Stanford)
• Project management, Business Analyst, Quality Assurance
• Android Programming and other programming (Stanford and Harvard online)
• Psychology (to fix myself,27 could do it for me) (DSM V)
• Law (class action, personal injury, medical malpractice,
• intellectual property, cyber ethics) (web resource)
• Sociology (web resource)
• Above all God’s book Quran, Bible, Torah
• I am self-educated, anything require I can teach myself.

• Who did I fight for?
Answers: Students and disable.

• Why I am going to do lawsuit?
Answers: to improve the system.

• What I am fighting for right now.
Answers: Students, Disable, Women and Senior and Canadian in US, privacy law in internet, cyberbullying and bullying, overall humanity, while it covers every one, because each group need other party’s vote and support. It will not be easy.