The Movement


A non profit organization will be formed by the name the movement. All funded collected for these charitable organization will be audited including this site.As soon as we have enough money we will first form non-profit organization,take office space,form team including volunteer,draft proposed law by lawyer. In the mean time this site will be open for public to collect people opinion and issue.


We wants:
    • Student's equal right by including them in all level of administration process with 50% voting rights(so they don't get abused by system)
      Disable people's first priority in job and school including universities and school and free support of silicon valley startup like 7 cups.
      Women right of equal pay and in job based on victimization scale, have to work with psychologist and lawyer

      Senior right of more support in old age, will work with silicon valley funded startup to bring in Toronto
      Strong anti bullying and internet bulling protection through W3 consortium which control internet, so no will get abuse in high school,society through social media sites, it will enforce the law on social media site, which they suppose to follow including child pornogrpay distribution, got idea of expulsion from whole internet using AI algorithm
  • -God say to help weak and poor.