1977-I born in Bangladesh and best junior high(chittagong collegiate High School) and high school(chittagong college) of the country where novel laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus studied. My father do real estate business and hold master of Accounting degree from Chittagong University and he fought for liberation war of Bangladesh which is basically India and p\Pakistan war and a war veteran and commander. My mother has drop out of Master of Philosophy from Chittagong University and house wife. Elder sister is specialized gynaecologist and younger brother is banker.Both sibling is married. They have three kids and one kids consecutively. My brother wife is university professor and brother in law is computer hardware vendor of major corporate firms in the country.

2003-Graduated from the University of Windsor in Bachelor of Computer Science
Bachelor of Computer Science Graduation

2002-2003-Worked as Computer Programmer at Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Computer Programming Experience

2006-Established incorporation of IT firm in Canada
Incorporation in Canada

2007-2009-Studied graduate level of study at the Dakota State University
Graduate study at Dakota State University

2008-Sap training in USA
SAP training in USA

2008-Job Attempt in USA
Job attempt in USA

2010-Join Northern University,Dhaka,Bangladesh at Lecturer
University Lecturer at NU

2011-Established IT company in Bangladesh
Incorporation of Software Company in Bangladesh

2011-Taught at university as Adjust Assistant Professor at BGC Trust University
University Professorship at University

2011-2014-Taught at university as Adjunct Assistant Professor at IIUC
University Professorship at University

2014-17-Completed fourth years of degree to readmit in master program
University of Windsor Remote Attendance

2017-Established IT company in USA
Incorporation of Software Company in USA

2018-Travel around the world to know market and funding in India and Europe.
Travel Records

2014-2018-These is one of the resource where my part time employee worked, for last four years in different software project of silicon valley under my supervision.
Work History

2018-Documentation list given for US Entry which are collected including medical(psychological),police,residency ties and income statements.
US Entry Clearance Documentation
US Immigration Medical
RCMP Police Clearance
FBI Police Clearance
Windsor Police Clearance

2018-Created Silicon Valley based software which demo is available at leading around seventeen freelancing programmer around the world, out of two has been chosen as co-founder for their dedication and contribution.
I Peering

2018-Medical Fitness
Medical Fitness

2019-Certified as PMP(Project Manager Professional) by PMI(Project Management Institute)
Project Management Professional

2019-Valuation of created software by certified valuation company and IQ test will be uploaded here
Software Valuation
IQ Test

2019-Inception of Security Companies and PFP(People for People) project.
Software Patent

2018-2019-Refused thirteen(13) times on US border due to bullying even I am not inadmissible.
RCMP Police Record
US Immigration Medical

2020-Searching for job as IT Business analyst and trying to collect fund for pre-seed stage of the project.